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Recommendation algorithms

I have a public email address and a private one. Sometimes, my private one sneaks into use where I would have otherwise used my public one.

One such location is Eventbrite. I love attending tech events in the area, from talks, to hackathons, to classes… You name it. And they have both of my email addresses.

Today, I get 2 “October” event picks for me. And it is interesting to see the differences in what was picked based on prior attendance. One showed me Intro to Github, CSS summit, and a gaming summit put on by Adobe. The other showed me OpsCon, OpenSource Bridge, and Science Hack Day. Both showed TwilioCon.

Wonder if I can get Eventbrite to merge the accounts. :)

"Gitting" going on GitHub… again.

I find it so hard to carve out time among the other many things that need to be done for GitHub. Yet I know if I just do this (at 2am, apparently) then I’ll be able to maintain my GitHub skills more permanently.

GitHub is now requiring email address verification so I’m taking care of that.

Current Git version is found by typing git —version in a terminal prompt. Command git clone to update it has failed:

fatal: destination path ‘git’ already exists and is not an empty directory. was not helpful. They say I should have at least 1.7.10 and to download the latest version at Boo.

Messed around with brew and various downloads and don’t feel like updating my .bash_profile (solution found via ) so I’ll see if the Xcode version works for now and troubleshoot later.

Ran git config —get and git config —get just fine. Updated my email with git config —global “My email here”  .

Wait, what’s this? Native app? <clicky>. This could be very nice! Crap! I accidentally closed the intro window and there seems to be nothing to do to get it back (including deleting the application and reinstalling).

And now I’ve found yet another way to install Git on a Mac via (found via ). Can’t there just be one huge web page that collects them all and updates them? You’d think there’d be a repository for that. ;)

BTW, I hate the default editing tools in tumblr. I cut and pasted the red text above and there was no way to change the text of my color back (other than some cutting and pasting), not even looking at the html where it wasn’t even showing the color change.

Alright. The GUI looks pretty slick. Will come back tomorrow to see about creating repositories.

Lion workshop at the Apple store.

Since I’m relatively new to OS X (meaning I didn’t really start using it full time until last year) I thought I’d actually go to an Apple store and get the basics rather than what I’ve been picking up ad hoc. Lion introduces several new (possibly only to me) features.

2-finger click: This is like ctrl-click or right click. Handy that.

Safari 2-finger side: back-forward pages

3-finger side: between full screen apps/desktops

3-finger up: Mission control (see all desktops at once)

3 plus thumb pinch: Launchpad (shows all apps)

3 plus thumb spread: clear to visible desktop (puts all apps out of view)

Also, Apple talk guy was very disturbed that I couldn’t connect to the AppleStore wireless and urged me to set up a genius appointment. Given that I connected fine on Starbucks and my own wireless, I think I can wait on that.

Note: This is an old draft I found from probably some time in 2010 that was unreleased so I’m releasing it to the wild now. :) 

Setting up Heroku

Heroku has a great little startup guide listed here:

Let’s see how well it works!

Step 1: Sign-Up

Zero problem with this.

Step 2: Install the Heroku Toolbelt

A simple download and zippy install!

Step 3: Login

Public key found! Continued ease!

Step 4: Deploy An Application

To be done tomorrow at RailsBridge!

I installed Django 1.3 some time ago. Time to upgrade!

I can’t find any saved console logs.

There’s no reference to the Django .egg in the file named easy-install.pth

I see Django-1.3.1.tar.gz

So most likely I installed via “python install”.

So theoretically all I should have to do is delete this directory. Let’s see if this works in practice.

Deleting directory.

Running “pip install Django”

pip: command not found

But I know I have it under /venv. Well, I don’t really know much about using venv and it isn’t working from there so let’s delete that and install it via the recommended way:

sudo python

    Installing pip script to /usr/local/bin

    Installing pip-2.7 script to /usr/local/bin

Successfully installed pip

pip install Django

Requirement already satisfied (use —upgrade to upgrade): Django in /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages

Well, pip found my old Django anyway.sudo pip install Django —upgrade

Downloading/unpacking Django from
  Downloading Django-1.4.tar.gz (7.6Mb): 7.6Mb downloaded
  Running egg_info for package Django
Installing collected packages: Django
  Found existing installation: Django 1.3.1
    Uninstalling Django:
      Successfully uninstalled Django
  Running install for Django
    changing mode of build/scripts-2.7/ from 644 to 755
    changing mode of /usr/local/bin/ to 755
Successfully installed Django

$ python

»> import django

»> print(django.get_version())1.4

Some reminder stuff about GitHub

I have a draft post that I haven’t had time to fully edit clean so here’s some messing around I did tonight:

Reminder for Lion users that Git comes in Xcode4 which is free from Apple for Lion users.

Mac OS makes some things annoying to me by hiding stuff that most users probably shouldn’t see. So rather than using their GUI, one goes to the terminal and uses Unix commands to navigate.

To find my ssh stuff:

ls ~/.ssh

To get to the ssh directory:

cd ~/.ssh

To set up new ssh keys:

Follow instructions at :

mkdir key_backup

cp id_rsa* key_backup

rm id_rsa*

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “your email here


Copy that to Git

To clone your fork locally:

git clone long_thing_copied_from.git

ssh -T

cd your_new_directory

Grabbing updates:

git pull

Fetch and Push:

git remote -v

Adding a source to follow:

git remote add new_name new_source
Changing the origin:

remote -vorigin new_source

Getting updates from new source

git pull -u new_source master

Eclipse doesn’t compile by default on Mac OS

Couldn’t find this info anywhere so I’m inserting it into the stream. When creating Eclipse’s default “Hello World”, everything compiles and runs beautifully. But when I tried to create my own C++ project, it wasn’t building the binaries.

It turns out that Eclipse comes set with the default Binary Parser set to Elf Parser and that just wasn’t working. However, switching it to Mach-O 64 parser works just fine and the binaries get built.

To change this, go to:

Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->Binary Parsers

This bit of information found here.

Don’t ask me why I’m not using Xcode yet. I’ll get to it eventually.

Random Lion Accounting

*Checked Ruby version via:



*Updated Ruby to v 1.8.11 via:

sudo gem update —system

RubyGems installed the following executables:


*Installing Jeweler for ModCloth interview (

sudo gem install Jeweler

*Now to actually start using Jeweler.

sudo jeweler Fibonacci-gem

No github.user found in ~/.gitconfig. Please tell git about your GitHub account (see for details). For example: git config —global github.user defunkt

git config —global github.user mygitid

* You grab your api token off of Account Admin in Account Settings

git config —global github.token mytoken

sudo jeweler Fibonacci-gem

create .gitignore

create Rakefile

create Gemfile

create LICENSE.txt

create README.rdoc

create .document

create lib

create lib/Fibonacci-gem.rb

create test

create test/helper.rb

create test/test_Fibonacci-gem.rb

Jeweler has prepared your gem in ./Fibonacci-gem

LiveMeeting fail.

Every now and then I attend a talk on LiveMeeting. Now while I’ve had hiccups on this in the past with Mac OS X, I’ve found some way to get at least one browser to view it even if it crashes when I try to download the slides.

But now, everything is broken.

I tried Chrome and Canary and get the never-ending circle of java load.

I tried Safari and get a blank page of doom.

I tried firefox and got a blank page of doom.

I loaded up VM and started Internet Explorer v8 and got the blank page of doom.

Before spooling up VM, I contacted their tech support. Their answer to me was that LiveMeeting was not supported beyond Firefox *3* or the latest Safari. Even IE 9 was not supported, so there was nothing she could do for me.

I spent most of the talk just listening on the phone while trying to get some kind of browser to work. Eventually I should call them back and find out if they can troubleshoot my IE 8 on Windows, but you’d think that since this has worked for me in the past that they must have broken something.

Note: LiveMeeting works fine on OS X 10.5.8 running Safari 5.0.5 but not Lion with Firefox 5.0.1.